The Impossible Quiz


The Impossible Quiz is a unique puzzle game with a great sense of humor, unexpected twists and turns and quizzes unlike you’ve ever seen before! Go through series of questions and pick the correct answers out of the four suggested options. Some will require you to use logic, others – imagination and sometimes you will have to downright guess what the solution is. After some trial and error it is, in fact, possible to figure things out and reach the end.

One thing to keep in mind about this game is: it does not play by the rules of conventional puzzles and quizzes. As a matter of fact, sometimes it doesn’t even play by its own rules. Expect the unexpected – that’s the only principle that you should keep in mind when trying to answer any particular question.

Every session of The Impossible Quiz game starts you off with 3 lives – essentially, they indicate the number of mistakes you can make throughout the quiz before the game is over. Occasionally, after answering several questions in a row correctly, you will be awarded with special Skip bonuses that allow you to skip a particularly difficult puzzle. Some questions have timers represented by bombs that can go off if you run out of time – beware and make sure you’re ready for anything!

The Impossible Quiz Answers

The initial stages of the game can get particularly tough for new players. If you’re having trouble, here’s a quick guide for solving the first ten puzzles to get you started:

  1. Four
  2. No, but a tin can
  3. O.
  5. Click and hold the left mouse button, move straight to the destination point
  6. Shallots
  7. An elephant
  8. Find the green tick
  9. Top right 'THAT ONE'
  10. Dentures

Hopefully, these tips will help you get the potential of The Impossible Quiz unblocked and pave the way for the rest of the experience with minimal frustration. Good luck!


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