How do I get kurenai Rep fast?

They drop from any ogre in the zone, at a 30-35% drop rate. You should get an average of one bead for every three ogres killed. You can turn them in at Telaar for 525 reputation per 10. If you obtain 50 Obsidian Warbeads, that’s 2500 reputation.

thus, How do I unlock kurenai custom deliveries?

To unlock Kurenai (level 62) you’ll need to do the quest ‘The Seaweed is Always Greener’, which requires unlocking M’naago’s deliveries. You’ll also need to have completed the sidequest chain beginning with ‘The Palace of Lost Souls’ in Sui-no-Sato in The Ruby Sea.

notably, How do I start netherwing rep?

You can begin your quest to gain reputation with the Netherwing by speaking to Mordenai, who can be found wandering around the Netherwing Fields located in the southeastern most corner of Shadowmoon Valley. He will give you series of quests that, upon completion, will grant you Neutral reputation with the Netherwing.

indeed How do I get rep with Keepers of Time? The only way to gain reputation with the Keepers of Time is through dungeon farming. Normal The Black Morass grants roughly 1200 reputation per run, while Heroic difficulty will grant about 1900 reputation per run.

also How do you get Honor Hold rep?

There are five ways to gain reputation with Honor Hold:

  1. Killing certain monsters outside Hellfire Ramparts (Until Friendly)
  2. Killing monsters in Ramparts or Blood Furnace (until Honored)
  3. Killing monsters in Shattered Halls.
  4. Completing quests in Hellfire Peninsula.
  5. Completing the PVP Quest (Repeatable Daily)

How do I unlock custom delivery?

  1. Prerequisites: Disciple of Hand or Land level 66+ Complete main scenario quest Stormblood. Complete the quests Arms Wide Open and Purbol Rain.
  2. Complete the quest Between a Rock and the Hard Place available from Geimlona in Idyllshire (X:5.8, Y:7.4)

Where are kurenai custom deliveries?

Deliveries Under The Sea

  • To accept the custom deliveries for Kurenai players will need to head to Sui-no-Sato… …
  • The glamour feature is pretty much the same to how you would do your own glamours.
  • Once you reach the maximum satisfaction level for Kurenai deliveries, you’ll see a new option to glamour her outfit.

How do I unlock Eulmore deliveries?

Talk to Kai-Shirr to unlock his custom deliveries.

Once you have the scrip exchange in Eulmore unlocked, talk to Kai-Shirr to get the ball rolling. He’ll give you the quest Oh, Beehive Yourself (Koji still can’t resist placing puns in quest names). Complete it to access Kai-Shirr’s custom deliveries.

When can you start getting netherwing rep?

To gain access to the Netherwing faction, players must reach level 70 and have Expert Flying (60% speed).

How long is netherwing rep?

A quick google search finds for you that it takes 2 weeks without eggs to reach exalted with Netherwing!

Can you only get one netherwing Drake?

So before you could only have 1 Netherwing Drake per character. That’s not true at all. You get one for free, and you can purchase the rest thereafter from an NPC on Netherwing Ledge. There is a vendor on the ledge that sells rest of them.

Does OHB give rep?

Comment by Zandranas. There is no rep bonus for running the instance in heroic mode and both will give rep all the way to exalted – so if that’s what you are aiming for it’s faster to run BM back to back until you’re there…

Does old hillsbrad give rep?

A Normal Old Hillsbrad run will give around 900 reputation. Reputation gains in Normal go all the way up through Exalted.

How much rep does Shattered Halls give?

Shattered Halls will give about 2000 rep, 2500 if you pop 2 thrallmar favor tokens (depending on how long it takes your party).

How much rep do you get per Shattered Halls?

A full clear of Shattered Halls nets you about 1700 reputation points, trash mobs generally yield 6 or 12 each, with up to 150 points from bosses. Heroic trash yields 15-25 points, with bosses worth more. You can also continue to do the daily quest Hellfire Fortifications for 150 reputation per completion.

How much rep does Hellfire Ramparts give?

A Heroic Hellfire Ramparts run will give around 1,700 reputation.

How much rep does a Shattered Halls give?

Shattered Halls will give about 2000 rep, 2500 if you pop 2 thrallmar favor tokens (depending on how long it takes your party).

How do I unlock Ishgard custom delivery?

Once inside talk to Ehll Tou (X:13.5 Y:11.2 – he’s the child dragon): you’ll either have to finish his side quest “If Songs Had Wings” if you haven’t already, or you’ll grab “O Crafter, My Crafter” if you have. Once you’ve complete “O Crafter…” you’ll unlock custom deliveries for Ehll Tou.

How do you unlock gathering collectibles?

Unlock. Players can unlock Collectables by completing the level 50 quest Inscrutable Tastes. Players can start the quest by talking to Morgayne in Foundation (x10,y10). The quest requires the prior completion of the Main Scenario Quest The Better Half.

What should I spend my yellow gathering scrips on?

Yellow Gatherers’ Scrips are used to purchase items from the following vendors:

  • Scrip Exchange – Ul’dah – Steps of Thal, Old Gridania, Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks, Idyllshire, Mor Dhona, Rhalgr’s Reach, Eulmore, The Crystarium.
  • Sanana – The Ruby Sea.

How do you get yellow scrips?

You can also earn Yellow Scrips by completing Custom Deliveries.

How many netherwing eggs do you need for exalted?

12. Each egg gives you +250 rep with the Netherwing (not the first one, it gives you +350 rep) and +275% for humans, and since you need 42k rep for exalted you need x168 eggs for exalted (if you dont do any dailys).

Do you need epic flying for netherwing rep?

WoW Netherdrake mount prerequisites

In future phases, you‘ll need flying skill to reach Netherwing Ledge, where the daily quests will open up, and you‘ll need epic flying skill (skill level 300) to realistically compete in the races that reward faction. To ride the mount when you get it, you‘ll also need epic flying.

How long does it take to get a Netherdrake?

It takes 2 weeks or less worth of dailies. That’s assuming you don’t turn in any eggs or do the race. You can finish it in a day if you spend it looking for eggs. Anyone telling you it takes a minimum of a week have likely either not done the rep, or didn’t try very hard.

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